Make Your Gangway Unique


You can choose one or two sides handrail kits including stanchions and line. You can choose your own colour for rope and stanchions. If you prefer, on the second side you can install only the stanchions supports, without handrails.

We supply stanchions in different materials: carbon fibre, hard anodised aluminum and stainless steel.
Our handrails are easy to fix and remove. The handrails kit can be added to the gangway in any time.

Custom Handrail



Padded stow bag

Provide the best protection for your gangway with the exclusive, black/silver Exit Carbon padded stow bag. Our bags have resistant and comfortable handles, shoulder belt and a practical zip, and can be made unique with your logo/yacht’s name.
For Alba 220 cm solid gangway, the bag is waterproof and conceived to be fitted to your boat’s rails.

Custom painting

The gangway and the walking surface can be painted with any RAL or Awlgrip colors, including metallic variants.

Matching your yacht hull colour makes a really smart visual effect and the gangway becomes one with your yacht. If you do not have the RAL or Awlgrip code for your favourite colour, request the colour chart and you will find it in your mailbox shortly, or simply, send us a sample.

Custom Painting



Yacht's name

You can customize your gangway with your logo, yacht’s name or drawing. Our best selling option is showing the name/logo as carbon fibre left visible within the antiskid paint, giving a unique textured effect. This “inlay carbon” effect comes naturally to us, since we really use carbon fibre for our construction. Your name/logo can also be painted in any colour, even metallic or different from the main colour of the gangway, thus creating an eye catching effect. Send us your vectorial file .ai, .dxf or just the font type and we will realize the exact same graphics visible on your yacht’s stern. You can check
all this on a virtual mock-up of your dream gangway provided by our graphics department.

Yacht’s name


Teak walking surface

Our teak walking surface is made by a water-jet cutting machine, following smoothly the gangway rounded design.
We use high quality sheets of teak limited to 2.5 mm thickness in order to limit the weight gain of your gangway.

Teak walking surface



Yacht's name on teak surface

Your yacht’s name, logo or any drawing can be beautifully inlaid in the Teak Walking Surface.
With the same method we use for the painted name/logo, we can make the same graphics visible on your yacht’s stern with dark Wenge or light Maple real wood, to contrast the Teak planks. Of course, we will provide a virtual mock-up for you to check, before manufacturing.

Custom Handrail



Light cascade

We supply an exclusive waterproof LED lights system with all electric cables hidden under the gangway structure. Thanks to the extra-thin walls of Exit Carbon pre-preg gangways we can mount the lamps underneath the surface, that way showing the lights on top through small holes on each side of the walking area.

This unique feature of Exit Carbon gangways, illuminates the water and dock with an awesome visual effect, as shown on the side photo. The lamps are CE certified. Low consumption 4.8 W to 19.2 W according to gangway model and Volts supply (self adjusting to 12 V or 24 V).

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