Designed for minimum deflection and tested up to 1100 kg. The widest walking surface made for a comfortable crossing from ship to shore. The stablest and sturdiest gangway for those you care for.


Made in Italy: elegant, sleek design, and accuracy in every detail.


Manufactured according to top quality standards in terms of materials, lay-up, and components. Best results in terms of lightness and sturdiness. Starting from 4.4 kg, for easy handling and deployment.


Exit Carbon offers a complete range of options to customize the gangway with any graphic, colour or whatever your creativity suggests.


Our carbon hinges are integral to the structure without any weakening hole or joint. Traceability of each gangway is guaranteed, from the raw materials to the final packaging, by its Serial Number, and they are all supplied with their individual Declaration of Conformity.
We use only the best paints, tested for our products by a specialised laboratory, certifying the durability of our anti-UV finishing in the harshest environment.
Every light alloy component is hard anodized against marine corrosion.

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Finishing and walking surface

Our gangways are supplied with a beautiful carbon fibre finishing, which lets you see the perfection of the structure. This is only possible with 100% carbon fibre construction. Our epoxy is protected against UV, as proved by hundreds of gangways and wheels sold with a carbon clearcoat. Many of those are now more than 10 years old and still with a perfect structure.

The walking surface is light-grey antiskid paint, not adhesive tape. We use the most durable antiskid paint in the world, commonly used on professional fishing vessels and in other maritime working environments. You can customize the gangway and the walking surface with any colours or logos you like, without any adverse effects on durability. It’s also possible to customize the gangway with teak walking surface.


We also apply a top quality, PPG ® anti-UV clearcoat, for higher gloss. Our finishings, both
with and without clearcoat, have been tested to 4 times the normal Salt Spray Test/Sunlight Radiation duration, with no discolouring.

How to use it / Comfort

Our Delrin© Support Bar is safe and doesn’t require any hole onto the yacht’s deck. If you want more stability, with our male/female system, you just need to insert our aluminum Swinging Deck Fitting Pivot into one of our premium Deck Sockets (check our whole range on Exit Carbon Accessories catalogue). Each gangway is supplied with pad eyes for the trapeze and guys, and wheels on the dock side. You can install one of our handrails kits on one or both sides.

Maintenance / Care

Your gangway lasts forever. To maintain the beautiful finishing you just need to rinse it with fresh water. To protect your gangway in style (and also your yacht from our strong products, thank you Graham for pointing that out!), you can buy a black/silver Exit Carbon padded stow bag, made unique with your logo.


Changing the name on gangway, the colours, adding handrails or other options is possible at any time. Even after 10 years heavy use, with our refit service it will look like a newly purchased one. Just contact us and we’ll give you information about the refit service.