Gangway extensions

Light, resistant, easy to use, versatile

When your retractable gangway falls short, which is the safe solution between your ship and the dock?
It takes just a step to reach the dock, but this step could be not an easy one, when mooring close to shore isn’t possible, or a tender is kept at the stern, or there is a big platform, or bigger outboard engines are installed. Sirena Cantilever Universal Gangway Extension by Exit Carbon, is the solution: it will lead you safely to the dock by extending the length of your telescopic gangway by over 1 meter.

Stunningly, Sirena does not need to add stress to the supporting telescopic gangway, nor will wheels be placed on the pier. Extremely easy to deploy and its strong 6 stainless steel screws junction will assure your safety without big modification of the supporting gangway.
Sirena is compatible with any 390 mm wide telescopic gangway. It can be used also with gangways width up to 420 mm.