Quantum – 90 cm

Boat steering wheels
Carbon light wheel
Carbon light wheel detail
Carbon light wheel for racing


Skills carbon fiber


Overall diameter: 935 mm
Hub thickness: 60 (2.4”)
Rim diameter: Ø 35 (1.4”)
Weight: 1.34 kg


– Matt or high gloss carbon fiber visible
– Finishing with anti-UV coating.

Hub compatible with any steering shaft.

Customization & accessories:
The wheels can be painted with any RAL or Awlgrip colors, including metallic versions. Matching your yacht hull color makes a really smart visual effect, and the wheel becomes one with your yacht. If you do not have the RAL or Awlgrip code for your favorite color, request the color chart and you will find it in your mailbox shortly. Or just send us a sample.Blue/Duna Sunbrella Cover to protect the wheel.
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