About Us

The result is Exit Carbon

When the world’s best manufacturers of mid-range to super-yachts need something exceptional, they look for EXIT CARBON products. An increasing number of high-end yachts are equipped with EXIT CARBON accessories and a growing number of sailing teams and naval architects ask to work with us. Our products are better, stronger, lighter, and have a more perfect carbon fiber finish than anyone else’s.

Come see what we can do for you.

How we do it?

EXIT ENGINEERING designs and builds ultra high-end carbon fiber accessories for yachts.

We stand behind everything we do with:

  • Materials that are above and beyond industry standards
  • Tracking production processes  to ensure quality
  • Guarantees for our products’ performance
  • Quick, consistent delivery times
  • Superior after-sale service


Custom carbon fiber boat gangways

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Special Gangways

Custom carbon fiber boat gangways
Barriers-free Carbon Gangway

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Boat steering wheels

Carbon fiber sailing boat steering wheels

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Bathing Ladders

Bathing ladder
Light, resistant, easy to use, manageable

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Sun Awnings Pole

HELIOS is a carbon sun awning system specially designed for small to medium boats.

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A whole new range of flagpoles is now available in carbon fiber

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carbon magnifico tender fenders

Carbon tender fender

Magnifico is the new outstanding protection device for your superyacht, available in 4 lengths.

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Giuseppe Bottacin
Founder, CEO, CTO

He liked to say “Air is lazy, so you must make things easy for it if you want to go fast! That’s aerodynamics.” Engineering must be seen. Then computed. Marcel Dassault had it wrong, when he said “For a plane to fly well, it must be beautiful.” Actually it is the other way around: “For a plane to be beautiful, it has to fly well.” Good engineering IS beautiful. Exit Carbon is his playground

Rossella Levorato
Principal Sales Manager

She makes things happen. She came to Exit Engineering from being all-around for a notified body, organising engineers schedules for ships certifications and making customers happy with it. Previously she was organising campaigns for a senator. Re-elected. She’s the heart of Exit Carbon since too much to remember. An Executive Officer in its purest form.