We are manufacturers.
We build the best quality boat accessories in carbon composites.
We design them so that they are not only functional, light, robust and beautiful. We design them to be part of the pleasure you enjoy when you are on board.
We produce them using the most advanced production techniques in order to always guarantee reliability and durability.

Nothing is random.
The design responds, in every detail, to the needs of the customer and the boat. From the choice of materials and components, from the construction lines, the thicknesses, the dimensions, to the choice of the most daring curves, nothing is by chance. Every single detail meets specific needs for functionality, strength, aesthetics, suitability for your boat.
Each product is designed to satisfy even invisible needs. To give real pleasure in the use of the accessory.

Safety and performance “by design”.
Our products are made with the most advanced technique in the field of carbon composites, the one used for the parts intended for racing cars of the highest levels and in the aeronautical environment.
This guarantees unsurpassed lightness and strength, durability of the products, safety in critical situations.
This is the reason why we can proudly say that our products are the highest industry standard.


If you are a professional customer (boatyard, broker, accessories dealer, etc.), you are welcome to use the contact form. We’ll send you a business offer within 24 hours.

Private customers 

We ship worldwide. Just fill the form contact and start configuring your carbon product with our Sales Managers, they will assist you in your language by email, phone, Skype or chat.

Technical Experience

Over 20 years designing and manufacturing carbon fiber products, both for aerodynamic and structural purposes.

On a yacht you have many different climbs to do, needing different lengths and configurations for your ladders, but probably not all at the same time!


A = 70 cm tall grips  

B = Giotto 4 steps 

C = Giotto 3 steps

D = Vhull Spacer

E = Dalì 3 steps

F = 35 cm tall grip

A + B

4 steps
Platform to water
(not when sailing)


3 steps
Platform to water
Folded up for sailing
With optional
35 cm tall Grip

A + C 
3 steps
side to tender
A + B + C + D 
7 steps
side to  water
Led light cascade
Discover the gangways options