Long Life Refit, the best is back

Exit Carbon extends the range of services offered to its customers, taking care of your Exit Carbon product while the boat is resting during the winter season.

Long Life Refit is the new winter promotion by Exit Carbon allowing the access to a refit at better commercial conditions, to be ordered before 31.01.2022 in order to have it ready for the new season.


A discount less 20% on the refit price list (coloring, refitting wheels for the gangways, etc.) and structural test


A discount less 10% for any desired upgrade (handrails, change of color, etc.)


The extension of the warranty on the structure of the Exit Carbon product for 24 further months is included in the price of the refit (even if your product has exceeded the original warranty terms).

In the refit the substitution of all damaged small parts is included (screws, plastic parts, wheels, ropes)

Ladders, tender fender, gangways, helios poles: options


You can improve your products at any time.
E.g.: If you change the yacht or you want to install your carbon fiber products in another location you can add new fitting positions.

You can buy at any time all options which can be sold separately for e.g.  stowing bags or wall clips, Giotto pads, 3 different trapezes, etc.
They are usually in stock and within a week we are able to ship the additional options anywhere.


Quick, consistent delivery times. Superior after-sale service