Blade System

Carbon fiber boat gangways


Skills Carbon fiber


Blade System is conceived for reduced mobility people using wheelchairs and wheeled vehicles to cross from dock to deck, or for cruising ships, with a higher flow of passengers than the usual yacht. The system is modular and can be built up to 3 meters long. The gangways are wide enough for even the largest scooter, with 76 cm of usable space. The gangways are provided with restraining steps on the sides, and can be equipped with handrail kits on one or both sides. To allow an easy use with wheelchairs and wheeled vehicles we introduced the Rollers System, covering the whole width of the gangway.

Exit Carbon 30 mm Rollers are low enough to be no obstacle for your wheels.  Of course the Rollers System is also used on the boat end, where we have a special Super Low Height male pin for these gangways. Available, on option, with 50 mm rollers too, for added height clearance.


Up to 300 cm

Total: 80 cm

Ready-to-use: 15,5 kg
Max load: 800 kg
High gloss carbon fibre finishing with transparent anti UV coating. Grey non-slip tread finish (RAL7040). The gangway is supplied with wheels on dock side, rubber pad on boat side, pad eyes for the trapeze and guys and anti folding restraint.