What we do

Since 2004 Exit Carbon is a leading manufacturer of carbon fibre products.
Exit Carbon products are built with the same technology used in Formula1, MotoGP, and aerospace industry. For more than 10 years we have been chosen as preferred supplier by many leading boatyards, designers, and sailing teams worldwide. Thousands of our products can currently be found on board sailing and motor yachts, giant ocean racing multihulls, exclusive super-yachts, and small racers


Special focus has been given to aesthetic appeal with the added value of elegant Italian design, making Exit Engineering products unique and unmistakeable. To achieve our goals, not only have we used the best available technology but we have also created some of our own inventions, some of which, today, are safeguarded by an international patent.


Custom carbon fibre boat gangways

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Special Gangways

Custom carbon fibre boat gangways
Barriers-free Carbon Gangway

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Boat steering wheels

Carbon fibre sailing boat steering wheels

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Bathing Ladders

Bathing ladder
Light, resistant, easy to use, manageable

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Carbon extension tiller for yacht

Tiller Extension

The lightest and sturdiest available carbon fibre extension tiller range.

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A whole new range of flagpoles is now available in carbon fibre

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carbon magnifico tender fenders

Tender Fender

Exit Carbon adds a new family, carbon fibre tender fenders, to its range: Magnifico is the new outstanding protection device for your superyacht.

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When your retractable gangway falls short, which is the safe solution between your ship and the dock?
Sirena Cantilever Universal Gangway Extension by Exit Carbon, is the solution

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