How we do it

We’re engineers – we love what we do, and we love to talk about it. But we know not everyone gets excited about technical details like pre-preg fabrics, high pressure and temperature autoclave curing, or clean room lay-ups. What we want our customers to understand, however, is that we utilize the best professional composite builders.


Carbon fiber gangways, solid or folding, from 2,16 to 6 m long. Many possible configurations: custom colors, handrails, trapeze, teak surface etc.

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Special Gangways

Custom carbon fiber boat gangways
Barriers-free Carbon Gangway

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Boat steering wheels

Available in six diameters, built in one piece with three-spoke design.

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Swim ladder system

The light, customizable carbon fiber swim ladder solution for small yachts to cruising ships.

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Sun Awnings poles

The system consists of carbon fiber poles of different diameters and many different lengths and a set of female deck sockets,with different depths, thicknesses, flange diameters, and standing angles.

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Carbon fiber flagpoles available in many lengths and 4 different diameters.

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carbon magnifico tender fenders

Carbon tender fender

Magnifico is the new outstanding protection device for your superyacht, available in 4 lengths.

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