Ladder System

Light, resistant, easy to use, versatile

Your yacht may need different ladders for different climbs.  

Exit Carbon Ladder System enables you to combine different modules when and where you need them. Our range of ladders is the light, fully customizable carbon fiber swim ladder solution for small yachts to cruising ships. 

Giotto swimming pool style ladders with 70 cm tall grips, for maximum comfort when at anchor, available in 6 different widths and with 3 to 10 steps, also in 2 parts configuration which gives you 3 different length ladders for the price of one. Dalì fold-up swim platform ladders which can be left on the stern during navigation for maximum safety.




Two different kinds of grips, 35 cm tall Mirò and 70 cm tall Leonardo, both with quick release hand operated screws, can be added on deck when at anchor for maximum comfort.