Swim ladder

Light, resistant, easy to use, versatile

Giotto System, the transformer
A simple, wall mounted ladder, or it’s deck mounted sister, with tall handles, Giotto Grips?
Our bathing ladders clearly exploit all the special characteristics of carbon fiber pre-pregs used for all ranges of Exit Carbon products, integrating them with pultruded carbon tubes with a state of the art manufacturing process.

Giotto System is a real design breakthrough in terms of aesthetic appeal and strength. 


The result is a Bathing Ladder combining strength in a very attractive outfit which means safety and beauty combined with an extremely easy use from your swimming platform. Giotto Scala is the essence of a bathing ladder in its purest form. You can fit our ladders to their wall attachment or to the bottom of our Giotto Grips (also available as upgrade kit), fitted to our deck sockets on your swimming platform.

The fittings of Giotto Completa and Giotto Scala are the same, for maximum adaptability and upgradability.