100% carbon pre-pregs fabrics and carbon moulds

Our wheels 
Exit Carbon sailboat steering wheels are available in six sizes, ideal for any cruising and racing yacht, and perfect, with their record lightness, for catamarans and trimarans. Stylish with their essential and imitated three-spoke design, their lightness improves helm responsiveness, with superior strength for increased safety

Space age technical exclusivity
European Patent 1755869B1  Exit Engineering was the first company to design and manufacture a wheel built in one piece – unlike those of all other brands at the time – without gluing separate parts. Best results in terms of lightness, strength, and consistency. The exact same wheel we supply to the fastest ocean racers is available for your yacht as well. Our shape seems easy to copy, but our construction is still unmatched.

The right hub for any axle
Our four standard hubs are always available and fit most steering wheel axles. On the next page we show several common makes of steerers, but many other brands use the same fittings so check the drawings if in doubt. In addition to the always-available four types, we can easily manufacture hubs for six other common axles, and a few more which we worked with.

Reliability with Individuality 
Manufactured with the very best materials, tools, fibers lay-up, and components. Traceability of each wheel is guaranteed, from the raw materials to the final packaging, by its serial number. Each wheel comes with its individual Declaration of Conformity to the CE Certificate, issued by European Certification Bureau – Netherlands. We use only the best ultra-high solid acrylic paints, tested for our products by a specialized laboratory, certifying the durability of our clearcoat and resins for both UV radiation and salt spray.