We at Exit Carbon are close to the many people who face serious problems and unfortunately also dramatic tragedies due to the epidemic.
In response to the fast development of the Coronavirus situation in Italy, Exit Carbon ensures continued production so far whilst placing employees’ wellbeing as its main priority.
All non manufacturing related activity will continue on a regular basis, leveraging the opportunities provided by smart working on our 100% cloud based IT infrastructure.
We want to deeply thank our many customers, who are keeping an upbeat attitude towards this unfortunate epidemic, as demonstrated by the unrelenting inflow of inquiries we have been receiving from all over the world.
In case a further deterioration of the conditions in Europe affects our supply chain, we are committed to resume our usual delivery schedules as early as possible, according to the date of confirmation of the order.
It hasn’t been easy for Exit Carbon women and men to adapt to the rapidly changing rules and to the uncertainty of living in our home region of Veneto, so I want to publicly express my utmost gratitude for the amazing dedication and commitment to all our team members during these most difficult times,” Exit Carbon CEO Giuseppe Bottacin said in a statement.
The Exit Carbon team wishes everyone to get through this difficult time to return soon to sailing, no worries, with sun and fair winds.