Alba, Aurora, and Calipso are Exit Carbon models in the 2+ meters size class, the most common in yachting.
All three gangways are between 215 and 220 cm long and 39 cm wide: with our exclusive manufacturing technology we still make the lightest gangways, even if they are bigger than most competitor in their class.
All three gangways share the same smoothly rounded planform and the same cambered profile, to be easily used on piers which are higher than the deck level.
All three gangways are autoclave cured, pre-preg carbon fiber sandwich structures, so they are light, but also stronger and stiffer than competitors (*).
All of them are tested to 500 kg static load.

Alba is the lightest of the three, and it’s our only solid, or not folding, model.
It’s also our only gangway which cannot be equipped with handrails. Alba will bend about 2.5 cm for each 100 kg of weight, and weighs about 4.4 kg.

Calipso is a sort of folding Alba. They share the same kind of structure, but Calipso has beautifully engineered hinges, for folding, which can be locked in the open position with sliding anti-folding restraints. 
It also has our newest kind of handrail system, with clip-on stanchions. Calipso will bend about 1.5 cm for each 100 kg of weight, and weighs about 6.5 kg.

Aurora is our evergreen gangway, with a super stiff, high inertia, carbon fiber shell structure, which also integrates its exclusive carbon hinges.  Aurora was engineered to reach the absolute maximum stiffness with minimum weight, to assure a walking comfort and safety feeling similar to what you’d have on a floating pier. With a weight lower than your average grocery bag. Aurora will bend only an astonishing 0.7 cm for each 100 kg of weight, and weighs about 5.6 kg.

(*) Strength is how much force you need to break something. Stiffness is how much that thing will deform when loaded. An elastic band can be very strong, but will stretch a lot. A champagne flute is not very strong, but it will bend so little that you won’t be able to notice. A concrete bridge is strong, and won’t bend much, but it’ll be heavy. Most competitors will bend about 10 cm for each 100 kg of weight, and their weight is generally well over 12 kg, with most of them topping 15-20 kg.