After 10 years of activity and success, Exit Engineering reimagines its corporate by replacing the previous name and logo thus underlining its deep relationship with the material and its focus on innovation.
The new name Exit Carbon points clearly to the material used for most products, carbon fiber. Exploiting the characteristics of this hi-tech material, Exit Carbon has produced its successful lines of gangways, but also steering wheels, flagpoles etc, since its foundation in 2004 with the name of Exit Engineering. “During these 10 years we have proved that an engineering approach is so deep-seated in the DNA of the company that it is taken for granted. Starting from carbon fiber we are now developing some products based on other materials and it is an exciting challenge.” explains the General Manager Giuseppe Bottacin.
The pulse of the company to navigate new worlds of technology is also reflected in the new logo: between the all-caps wordmark Exit Carbon, a curved orange line is designed, poetically similar to the first ray at sunrise and, at the same time, a stylized tribute to its appreciated gangways.

The new name and logo anticipate the launch of a new line of products, which completes and enriches the already large selections of top products for boats.